The Personal Branding Playbook

Coach Chris
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A personal brand is extremely profitable. This is the strategy top YouTuber's and podcasters are using to make money.

This book will teach you the process for building a massive personal brand that generates five figures monthly.

What a personal brand means:

The truth is everyone has a personal brand. But most people don't understand the impact of their personal brand on the world. That's why they'll post anything online and won't be consistent in any way.

A healthy personal brand makes everything easier. Its what helps you get promoted faster because you're known as a hard worker. It's what gets you referred to new opportunities.

Ultimately, a great personal brand is the key element to a wealthy life.

This is not a self help book!

The Personal Branding Playbook is about strategy. This is a plan for the people that want to be experts or make money being who they are. 

You get a roadmap to create a brand that will make earning money easier. Each step of the way, you'll learn a new strategy to grow your brand and generate more revenue.

Section 1: Finding Your Brand Focus

Selecting a niche is a lot easier than you might think. You have to get this aspect right so that everything else flows smoothly. We're going to talk about how your niche is the key element to a strong brand. You'll learn exactly how to select your niche so you can be successful in the long term.

Section 2: Podcast Guesting

There are thousands of podcasts in every niche. This is one of the best ways to grow your brand and reach new people in your industry. You're going to learn how to find great podcasts, be a great guest and capitalize on every single interview.

Section 3: Twitter for Your Brand

Twitter is the best platform for your personal brand. You have the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas with ease and reach people around the world. This book will give you the strategy for using Twitter correctly without wasting time or posting thousands of times per day.

Section 4: Getting on Stage

Pubic speaking is a great brand building strategy that most experts aren't taking advantage of. It might seem scary to get on stage and talk in front of people. You're going to learn how to get on stage, create an incredible talk and generate revenue from every event.

Section 5: An Ebook for Your Brand

A great book can help you in several different ways. This doesn't have to be a fifty thousand word hardcopy book. This book will show you how to write a great story to provide powerful solutions to your audience.

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The Personal Branding Playbook Ebook

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